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Andrew Osta is a prolific and multi-talented artist. He is best known for his oil paintings, but he is also a songwriter and the author of four non-fiction books. He holds degrees from the prestigious University of Toronto , but chooses to live a simple life in a Mexican village, making art for a living.

He has a body of work that traverses many styles over nearly 20 years. Having never taken a class in art, he began painting surreal and psychedelic works in 2004. By 2012, he moved to Mexico and began to experiment with more conventional subjects. His paintings are bright, colorful, positive, and almost entirely free of any signs of modern civilization. He is not at all interested in technological progress or in the ailments of contemporary society. His art, music, and writing show an unwillingness to be “with the times.” Rather than being contemporary (and easily dated), he is interested in being timeless.

Osta’s work has found many collectors internationally. Some of his biggest supporters are museum directors and curators. 

Studio visits are welcome by appointment (+52 415 139 5169 or andrew@andrewosta.com)

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Representation in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Andrew Osta is one of the well-known and loved artists of San Miguel de Allende.

As of September 2023, his works are in: (Click for Catalogue)

Hecho en Mexico (Ancha de San Antonio #8)

Lolita (Salida a Celaya #52)

Galeria Buena Vida (Aldama #42)

Casa Sollano 40 (Only by appointment)


Representation in Oaxaca, Mexico

As of September 2022, paintings can be seen in:

Studio Andrew Osta (415 139 5169)

Tienda Union  (La Union #7 San Andres Huayapam)


Other Representation:

Hamilton, ON, Canada
Iquitos, Peru
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Edina,MN, USA
Shreveport, LA




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