What collectors say…

I first met Andrew Osta when I was searching for some vibrant paintings for my home. After seeing several paintings of his that I liked hanging at the restaurant Hecho en Mexico, I called him to see more of his work. On the phone, he told me there were more hanging at CI Banco as well as at his studio. I viewed them all, was thrilled to see all his work and had a difficult time deciding which paintings I wished to purchase.

Andrew was a gem and brought all the paintings in question to my house so that we could try them on various walls. Some worked did, others did not. He has an excellent eye for what works. He not only hung his paintings but helped move some of my previous ones to their optimal location. It is an understatement to say that my house is so much richer with his paintings on the walls.

The entire experience was delightful. I not only found some gorgeous and vibrant paintings for my home but in the process found a new friend. Andrew is a wonderful artist and has a great future. Dear Andrew, I wish you tremendous success in your career as well as in your new life in Oaxaca.

Aly, San Miguel de Allende

Andrew, thanks for the note. Your beautiful painting is proudly displayed in our home. It’s a strong reminder of our amazing time in San Miguel. We love it!

Mark, Texas

I love it!!!!! It looks absolutely beautiful!
The direction this cover image is going seems perfect for your new album, Papa!!
Really beautiful!!!

Rebecca Hoppé, renowned photographer and daughter of Grammy nominated composer, Michael Hoppé

“There’s a rising star on San Miguel de Allende’s busy artistic scene. The painter’s signature name is Andrew Osta, an extremely talented, prolific artist whose works are increasing in popularity and value. He’s a young, personable, emerging artist who has worked alongside other notable Canadian painters including Toller Cranston and Marilyn Perlet. Highly creative, sensitive, professional, and helpful in tastefully displaying his work, it is a pleasure to know him. We love the painting we purchased from him and recommend that others support, encourage and invest in Andrew Osta’s artistic endeavors.

John and Anne Dimon, Canada

We are thrilled with the painting. It contains so much beautiful detail. I really like your works. I love the transformations among your art pieces. Always really beautiful and fun. Thank you for sharing your creation with us!

Jim, San Miguel de Allende

Dear Andrew,
Thank you so much for the beautiful art!!
Everything arrived in perfect condition!
The Wedding is beautiful – and the frame is so great! I can’t wait to hang it!

I love the 4 prints! The woman in nature, the archangel, matisse and the cats! They are all so beautiful. The archangel is so lovely! the woman in nature! wow! all so great!

I have been really touched by your kindness, talent, generosity of spirit and trust! Thank you so much!

Diane, California

You little book on Toller is a wonderful achievement, Andrew–clear, short sentences that are easy to comprehend and full of detail about his life and your part in it: a fitting love letter to a sadly missed friend who, as you seem to say, was susceptible to being misunderstood by more than a few people. I am impressed by your ability to recall the details of your interactions with him. The gods blessed you with a very powerful ability to see and recall.

Reading your tribute, one comes to love this flawed man even as you so clearly loved him. Your comparison of the last few years of Toller’s life with the pessimism of the Preacher in Ecclesiastes is thought-provoking.

Rod, Florida

OMG It arrived!!!! So so HAPPY! It is more beautiful in person. I am totally enjoying that beautiful masterpiece. LOVE IT!


Shelley, Michigan

Hi Andrew,
Ray and I have decided that we would like to purchase the painting. We are very excited about it and think it will be a wonderful addition to our home. We are thrilled to have your painting as part of our collection.

Penny, Georgia

Still working on the layout but it arrived in good shape and looks beautiful. Thank you Andrew. Excited for this one!!

Drew, Texas

Dear Andrew,
Congratulations! It sounds like your recent solo exhibition in the Durango museum was a huge success. I am delighted for you. Your paintings are so wonderfully vibrant and colourful, and very interesting. I am so happy we have one of your lovely paintings of San Miguel and every time I look at it I am brought back to that beautiful town in the hills.

Tad, Canada


We’ve owned “The Dreamer” for a few years, and it continues to inspire us. Every close look reveals an image that symbolizes a dream world related to the possible. Thank you, Andrew!

Peter and Mary, Iowa

Every time I look at the painting I bought from you, I feel happy. I may be buying more of your work regularly in the near future.

Toller Cranston, Olympic Skater

I was blown away by the painting your are working on for Monaco – just the size of it is awesome! I’d love to hear about how you came to tackle such a amazing piece of work, and I’m looking forward to seeing it finished. You should be very proud.

Janet Percy, Bermuda

Hello Andrew,
Your painting arrived just now, and we opened it. No damage.

It is a beautiful, unusual still life – I love it even more now than I did when I saw it in your exhibit. I’m delighted to have this piece by you to add to my collection, and as a memory of the exhibit dedicated to your dear friend Toller, experiencing the occasion with Monica and Michael, and meeting you. Thank you for taking care of the wrap and ship.

Bette, Portland
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