Thanksgiving 2016 News Update

Little 2.5 year old Osta relative painting
Little 2.5 year old Osta relative painting

In the beginning of November, I went on vacation. Flying into to the Huatulco airport, I first spent a week with family, which culminated in me teaching my 2.5 year old niece to paint. She’s very talented in music and art and has been painting pretty much daily.

In Huatulco and the surrounding area, I painted landscapes and seascapes.

2016-mazunte-beach-sm huatulco-1


Some nights could be very quiet. There is not much happening in town after 6:30 PM when the sun goes down, so I had plenty of time to work on paintings, sometimes working without any interruptions from 7 PM to midnight or 1 AM. This allowed me to complete two imaginary San Miguel.

Then I headed to the mountains of Oaxaca, and painted some more… Had a great time for about five days, staying in a little cabin, looking at the star-filled sky at night, baking potatoes on the fire.

Finally, one day in Oaxaca with my friends, shopping for artesanal products and attending the Oaxaca Symphony Orchestra performance of Beethoven and other great composers. A wonderful time overall and I am so happy I brought my paints!


Oaxaca Cabin - 20x25 cm
Oaxaca Cabin – 20×25 cm

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