November 2014 Update – My art is Autobiographical

Since returning from Europe, I have been busy with preparing for multiple shows, such as the Bordello Gallery show, the Central Library, and the Mi Patio Restaurant. There has not been as much time to paint as I would prefer, but I am working on a very significant new painting that I’m very happy with.

Last night as I was painting, my girlfriend made a comment: “You do not stick to one theme,” she said, “I can’t understand how you get your subject matter.”

I thought about the question for a few moments. “It’s all autobiographical,” I then told her. “Every painting I do is autobiographical in the sense that it captures a moment in my life – it could express a relationship, a friendship, a place, a feeling, or a dream, but it all has to do with me.” As I think about painters like Chagall and even Picasso, their work was also largely autobiographical and while the style may have changed (especially in the case of Picasso) the element of personal expression is what always linked the diverse body of work together. The same is the case with me.


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