A Day in the Life of a Contemporary Painter

A few days ago I had a closing party which coincided with a huge parade. Of course, everyone got stuck at the parade and only a handful of people made it out to see me. EC Bell, one of my artist friends, walked for an hour and a half to get to the exhibition. There were no taxis, no parking, etc etc. The party was mostly attended by other artists – Marcos Byrd (painter), Marcia Webster (collage), Michael Cassidy (watercolor landscapes), Judith Jenia, Rae Miller, EC Bell (well known painter of nudes) and at least 3 others that I don’t remember by name. I liked the fact that painters came out to see what I am up to. The opening was more attended by collectors, but several of my artist friends also made it out – namely Toller Cranston (ex olympic skater and painter), Noah Leaf Mendelson (knife painter), Bruce Stuart (well known painter from Bermuda), Peter Holligsworth (digital artist) and others I do not remember.

EC told me about how some punk kid climbed onto his roof at 3 AM and pulled off the copper piping. “Water was shooting everywhere and it was 3 AM and I had to fix that plumbing myself!” EC said. “I threw a knife at that guy as he was escaping and missed him by less than a foot. If I had a gun I would have shot him.” I told EC that he’s crazy and laughed. Then EC told me some other stories that I cannot share publicly. All of this made me want to write a small book about the strange everyday happenings in the life of an artist.

Below is a site where you can search auction price results for various artists. Interesting.

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