Why Success isn’t Everything

In 12 years of painting, 7 of them full time, I’ve reached a moderate degree of success. I am happy and grateful to be able to live solely from sales of artwork. I am able to support my family and love where I live. And yet my prices are still extremely low compared with the art market in general. Many times I have come across painters who create mediocre work and sell it for exuberant prices, simply because they have the right connections. As a rule, these people sell to wealthy people who have no  idea as to what constitutes good or bad art. They are busy with their social events, with 90-95% of their time geared towards marketing and promotion, and only 5 to 10% towards painting. They create paintings using a projector, in the spare time they have between social events. They achieve great financial success, but their artwork remains mediocre and will not be remembered in history. There is no artistic growth or improvement when the artist can make easy money.

In this interesting time, when so many people have made fortunes with the stock market, the real estate market, or the bitcoin market, I have stuck solely to painting. Making easy money would not be good for my art, I have become convinced of that a long time ago. Artists, just like spiritual seekers, never really arrive. For us, the journey is the goal. Financial success isn’t everything. Difficulties are good, as they encourage problem solving.

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