Dimension Dream

The Album

I taught myself the piano in 2002, and guitar in 2005. Since then, I’ve been writing songs more or less without stopping, mostly to express sentiments or creative impulses that I cannot express otherwise.

Most of my music gets recorded live on my digital recorder, with the chords and lyrics written down in a notebook. Dimension Dream is a full length CD of songs written in 2009 in Peru, plus a song or two written in Mexico. The music was recorded in the home studio of a close friend.

Signed physical CDs are available from me directly on request.

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Digital downloads are available on I-Tunes and CD Baby. CDs, including signed ones, can be ordered by emailing me or just dropping by the studio.

The SongsStreaming Music + Lyrics

Everything is easy when you’re happy
The world is yours there’s nothing you can do
And that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you baby
The world you see’s created just by you

Oh well you know, you know, you know
Oh well you do

Tell me do you notice any difference
Between your dreams and when you are awake
I got another message to deliver
The world you see is only what you make

Did you open your eyes lately
Did you look in your mind to see
All the things inside and the things outside take you for a ride
And you’re slipping into a dream
And it carries you down the stream
All the things inside and the things outside take you for a ride

Hoo Hoo Yeah Yeah

Tell me, tell me, tell me did you did love me?
Tell me, tell me, do you love me now?
After you are done with being busy
Please make some space inside your world for love

The engines are buzzing
Ready for takeoff
Fasten your seat belt
We’re about to lift off
To move without moving
From Planet Three
Universe Sunshine
Dimension Dream

It’s Dimension Freedom
Also known as Love
Also known as Here
Also known as Now
It’s dimension Total Peace
It’s dimension Cosmic Bliss
It’s Dimension Dream

Someone is dreaming
Our captain’s asleep
His eyes are not open
But he’s guiding the ship
Dimension Dream
Where everything’s possible
And equally probable
Dimension Dream

Forget about “no” – let there be only yes
Forget about “but” – as in thanks but no thanks
Lets try something new – I’ve been waiting so long
Now yesterday’s gone gone gone
And I think I see the sun after so long

It’s an open road – we can go anywhere we like
You can tell me anything – it’s an open mic
Tell me something new – how about a “yes” for a change
Now yesterday’s gone gone gone, so lets turn the page

Don’t say maybe, not this time
Cause I’ve heard maybe all my life
Say you will, just say you will
Yesterday’s gone gone gone
And I love you still
Don’t say maybe
Just say you will

All the storms couldn’t change the way I feel about you
It was written in the stars above – all those stars that shine on you
I’ve been standing, I’ve been shivering
In the rain for a thousand days
Now yesterday’s gone gone gone
And I finally see the sun
And it has your face

When I hear your voice, I remember
I remember that I love you
You don’t need to tell me something special
Just to hear your voice will do

I can feel you when you call
When you call my name I feel alive
We are one after all
You are mine

I wish you would be mine forever
And never leave my side again
Because we’re happiest when we’re together
Nothing bad can touch me when you’re there

I’m sitting in a tipi with a tiny door
It is made of clay and leaves
It’s the night time in the mountains
But I’m keeping warm
Cause I got a fire up in here

Logs of wood piled to the side
It’s enough to get me through the night
I got no one here, my baby disappeared
But this fire is burning bright

Thank you little fire
For keeping me warm
Thank you little fire
For making me feel like I’m home
On this cold and lonely night
In this place so far from home
In this place I don’t belong

I’m sitting in a place
Where the people who fall down
Can come to get back up
When the world chews you up and spits you out
This is where you might end up

Sitting on a mountain side
Searching for your inner light
You got no one here
Your baby disappeared
But this fire is burning bright

Esperanza, Esperanza
Я тебя жду
I’m waiting for you

Esperanza, Esperanza
Сердце моё тебя зовёт

Cuando voy a poder estar contigo Esperanza?
When will I be able to see you again, Esperanza?
Когда я смогу сново увидеть тебя, Esperanza?

Linda bonita florecita
Beautiful flower, pretty color
Милый красивый цветочек дивный

Esperanza I will be with you

Pretty music for my baby
To get you through the day
Don’t be sad just let
Your worries fade away
Let them fade away
Like the ocean waves
You’ll be with me sooner
Than you think

You can watch the colors
When the sun goes down
Yeah, my love
And when the night is dark
You can count all the stars
One by one

Pretty music for my baby
To help us pass the time
Pretty music for my baby
Until you’re by my side
What day will it be
When you come to me
Sooner than you think it may be
Sooner than you think

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Love you every day
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Love you every way

I don’t go bad places, I don’t do bad things
I don’t know bad people, I don’t have bad dreams
I just live my life the way I want
Some people think that I’m living right
And others don’t

I know sweet from sour
I know good from bad
I know sick from healthy
I know sane from mad
But I don’t know skin for white or black
Show me the color of your soul instead

I got no one to impress
With the way I dress
Or the things I have to show
What will you take with you brother when you go?
What will you take with you sister when you go?

It’s all shadows on the wall
We think that we’re so big
But we’re so small after all

I don’t have bad lovers I don’t have bad friends
I don’t make bad choices cause I know myself

It’s a crazy world we’re living in
We are a fish that swims against the stream

How many hours of my life did I waste
Watching TV in those good old days
If I had confidence I would
Hang out with a girl from my neighborhood

But I saw saw on TV that the city’s not safe
And nobody speak to strangers these days
So when I said hello all the girls ran away
And I went back home to my video game

How many hours of my life did I waste
Staring at pictures in cyberspace
If I had confidence I would
Love a real girl from my neighborhood

But I saw on the news – 24 dead
And some crazy dude cut off someone’s head
So when I said “hello” all the petty girls left
And I went back home to my empty bed

I spent my youth expanding my mind and freeing my soul
I found a lot of inner peace, happiness and love

Then I spent time doing spiritual things
Like awakening the divine within
With Zen Buddhist monks and Hindu priests
Amazon healers and spirits of trees

When I was a kid, I took Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Took the Stairway to Heaven cause tomorrow never knows
I wanted to find out what it’s like to be free
But the light of the sun was blinding
I can see things clearer now, by the light of the moon

Yeah I used to fly around, high above clouds, you know that
I tripped and fell a thousand times across the universe
I wanted to find out the secrets that the sky was holding
The one I loved was here but I didn’t know

By the light of the moon I can see
Your beautiful eyes look at me
Everything that I wanted to find
Wes inside of my heart
By the light of the moon we are free
And that’s reality
I flew around and came back down

I don’t wanna change something or take something
And the secrets don’t surprise me
I’m just sitting waiting till the day she says “yes”
The light of the sun is beautiful
But after a while it’s blinding
I can see things clearer now by the light of the moon

No one night stand is ever gonna satisfy you
The visions can be great but afterwards you must come down
Sometimes things can seem so real
And then you wake up from a dream
What a scene it is, what a scene!

I used to like it loud, now I like it low
Its just more intimate that way, you know
I used to like it fast
Now I like it slow
I guess I’m not the same as before

I used to want it all
At exactly the same time
And when I got it
Everything just flew right by
Now I want it all
One thing at a time
I guess I’m not the same as before

There are many things
I didn’t understand
In the rush of things
They slipped through my hands
There are many things
I would do again
I guess I’m not the same as I was

I used to know a lot
Now I just don’t know
And yet it doesn’t matter much to me
I used to want a lot
Now I just want you
I guess I’m still the one that you knew

Performed By

Andrew Osta: Ben Vinzce:
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Harmonica, Production
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