December 2012 update

I hadn’t written anything on the website lately, but that doesn’t mean I hadn’t been busy. In November, I took a trip to the moutains and coast of oaxaca and produced 11 plein air paintings. Engaging in this work was both tremendously fun and tremendously rewarding. I cannot recommend the experience enough. It teaches you so much about color about composition, about seeing… There is nothing like it.

Since returning, I mostly focused on completing and retouching older works, but had also started and completed several new pieces. My latest area of focus is flowers, which I am doing from nature. This involves buying beautiful bouquets of flowers which I arrange and select myself and then painting them. It is so incredibly rewarding to see and reproduce the beauty of nature. The wow factor of these new paintings is very high. To me they look like Gustav Klimt works. I haven’t seen anything on the market even approximating the quality of execution I am getting. I am also framing a lot of things in preparation for upcoming exhibitions. And that is about it, folks.

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