Update May 2013

A few quick pieces of news. Somebody took one of my pieces to get appraised and it turns out that I’m selling at about 50% of the appraisal value right now. The piece was 24 x 36 and was appraised at at least $1500… I sold it for $700.

The other piece of news is that I am now a listed artist on artnet, and this means that my art will be available on auctions next to Picassos and so forth. Albeit in a slightly different price range.

I met with a young Mexican artist and agent and he invited me to join his group of artists, which is supposed to lend me shows in Mexico City and also sales to new collectors.

Finally, I met and had a long talk with a professional curator. We discussed one of my paintings and he got it right on, all of the symbolic meaning. (Well to be honest, he was right on but then overanalyzed) Anyway, he is including me in a virtual exhibition in Mexico City and promised to curate a show for me. As well as possible connections in Mexico City and in Paris.

I am working on large pieces and on digital works for prints.

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