Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Andrew Osta funny cat paintings - merry christmas!

Overall, this has been a good year for me. I am enjoying painting and meeting with painter friends – Toller Cranston, E.C. Bell, Bruce Stuart, and others. Everyone is traveling lots. Nobody sticks around for very long. Some new friends came, others left, but everything balances out in the end. You can only maintain so many friendships. Thematically, I’ve been working on cat dinner paintings and more recently angels and spiritual works. I’ve also been touching up a lot of things.

I’ve begun to write a little autobiographical memoir that can hopefully give the reader some sort of an idea of what a painter’s life is like. I also may start taking some notes on the life of E.C. Bell, who would like me to make a book for him.

Below are some photos from the Christmas dinner with Toller Cranston.

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