December 2022 update

I took a break from working on a mural at the San Andres Huayapam, Oaxaca town hall in order to make a quick visit to San Miguel de Allende for a pop up show at Bordelo Galeria.

On Friday, December 9, we had some wine at Galeria Buena Vida on Aldama 42, which will now carry my originals and prints. There are approximately 15 paintings on display in this gallery as well as many prints.

OnSaturday, December 10, my pop up show opened at the Bordelo Galeria on Organos 19. We had a very good turnout, finishing 7 bottles of wine and effectively running out. The even continued on Sunday with fewer visitors, but the serious collectors among them made it worthwhile. I am happy to have met new art lovers and to have my art enter some very important local collections.

Overall, my time in San Miguel was very pleasant and productive. On Sunday night I met a radio DJ who wants to do a program about me on Mexican radio next Monday…

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