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Andrew Osta on the Radio

I was invited to do a radio show in Texas, speaking about my book, Shamans and Healers. I should have the show to put online sometime soon. Other than that, I am painting as always, and about to start a project to design and illustrate a series of books. These books are a dream for…

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Creative Autobiography

I’m not sure exactly when I became creative… I know that I began to keep a diary and thus write around 1999. In the following years, I composed hundreds of poems, none of which I have transcribed for digital viewing. They are hidden away in my notebooks at my parents home in Canada. My 2000…

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I have been very, very busy. Doing commissions and just trying to finish the work already started. Two possible exhibitions are coming up in March. While I feel I am creating some very beautiful work, looking at images of some of the sold paintings brings nostalgia.

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New Website

I finally took the time to create a new website to better represent my work. While web-design is not my favorite form of creativity, I found it difficult to stop. And yet I think it is good enough now to at least make it live. There is still a lot to add – many images…

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Added New Paintings

Added about 25 small works.. More to come… As well as some more major works. I have been working like crazy and enjoying every moment of it. Also enjoying every moment of rest. Ah.. The life of the artist! I wouldn’t want any other. The new photos I will be adding are of the works…

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October 2012 update

I have been very busy, painting every day and also writing about art. Finished several plein air landscapes, a still life, and a number of portraits. I have yet to take pictures. At the same time, I am returning to the highly psychedelic/visionary/dreamy style of painting. Exhibitions are lined up for december, february and march

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