November 2013 Update – Marion Perlet, Upcoming Exhibitions

A great Canadian painter, Marion Perlet passed away recently, which is sad news. I got to know Marion a little bit over the last two years, and she will certainly be missed. The last time I visited her studio, I saw her latest work and it was very good. A little painting entitled “Ship of Fools” even featured a little portrait of me in it, along with Toller Cranston and a few mutual friends. I’m saddened to know that Marion will not be creating anymore, but glad that I had the opportunity to get to know her. I also heard that she had a very full and exciting life. Marion, I hope you rest in peace.

In other news, I have been busy with exhibitions. Last Sunday, I attended an outdoor fair in Queretaro and this month, I will be taking part of a large collective exhibition in the Archangeles complex on Salida Queretaro, between San Francisco and Correo. I believe the opening will be on the 30th on Nov at 5 PM. I have also placed some art into the best ice cream place in town, the Gelato cafe right next to the Paroquia. And next month, I will be taking part of a large collective show in the Castle in atascadero (Santo Domingo #71) The party will take place on the 20th or 21st (not finalized yet) of December, starting at 3 PM.

Other than that, I am working on paintings, and also writing a fair bit. I have new songs that I want to record but have not had time.

Andrew Osta

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