August 2014 – Europe update

Hi everybody. Let me please apologize for not being up to date, I have been away in the Yukatan in Mexico, then Madrid, Barcelona, Cote d’Azur (France), Monaco, and Tuscany in Italy. There has been a lot of travel and I didn’t have a much time as I would have liked to update my blog. However, I have been very productive and creative. I spent 2.5 weeks in a castle in Tuscany doing little else other than studying the nature around me and painting. During this time I had ben able to focus on my art like never before, since there was nothing else I had to do, and all of my attention could go towards artistic pursuits. I will be posting images of the new work on the website soon.

I also managed to write 4 or 5 new songs and fill up a notebook with the experiences of my recent travels. In September, I have two shows in the central Library of San Miguel and in Casa de La Noche with Barbara Poole. Please mark your calendars and I hope to see you there. The CDLN show will focus on the European work.

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