News for January

Well, here is what is happening these days.

I have been working a lot, but probably writing more than painting. I am trying very hard to get my second book out sometime within the next few months. I haven’t written any music because both of my guitars are out of commission and its really quite frustrating.

Three of my paintings will be in the Rosewood auction to benefit the Children’s Foundation, with very reasonable reserve prices. If you are in San Miguel, make sure to have a look on Feb 9 2014. I believe the preview is at 2 PM and the bidding starts at 3.

I’ve been receiving scam emails from somebody who is after my full name and address, for some reason. This person writes things that don’t make any sense and is obviously trying to scam me, but I’m not exactly sure how. The first attempt failed and he tried again using almost exactly the same approach within a week. It is really quite strange!

In terms of painting, I have done several serious pieces. The most serious of them is the one below, which I personally consider a masterpiece.

Silent Exlosion SmHowever, some of the other things I recently did are also pretty good. Below are my favorites from this time.

Mexican Dog - $1200
Mexican Dog – $1200
Huichol Artesans - $900
Huichol Artesans – $900
Entrega Beach - $440
Entrega Beach – $440
Deserted Beach - $540
Deserted Beach – $540


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