A Couple of Testimonials

In the last week or so, I received some interesting feedback from a couple of people and I don’t know where on the site to share it, so I will just put it in this blog post.

Back in 2012, I briefly met an aspiring painter named Rosa Antonia. She just contacted me from my website and asked if I could give her a couple of lessons. I said that I don’t normally give lessons, but sure. She was only staying in San Miguel for 3 days, so we managed to have two 2-hour classes. I basically told her about the subconscious method of painting that I invented, and she went back to the States. After those two classes, her work really changed and she continues to grow and is very thankful. Last week, she sent me this message:

Andrew Osta is not only a very gifted painter, but teacher as well. I was lucky enough to find him during a visit to San Miguel de Allende where he introduced me to painting from the subconscious. It has totally changed the way I paint, helping me find my own unique style. If you are ever in San Miguel, be sure to visit his studio to admire his art and take a lesson if you love painting. His personal energy and presence alone will ensure that you have a transforming experience. I am sure it is in large part due to his shamanistic adventures in Peru studying with the Ayahuasca masters.”

Rosa Antonia, artist
Long Beach, California, USA

Then this week, I sold a painting to a new friend from Texas, and he is really excited about the purchase. This is what he wrote:


Who says you can’t by happiness? I’m happy to report my latest acquisition of art. The painting, “Happiness” by Andrew Osta is on it’s way from it’s home in Canada. Andrew is in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende, to be precise. I’m a huge fan of his art and you can expect that I will use every opportunity to use this Happiness theme for the next few days…. Like, “Happiness” is on it’s way, or “I’ve got Happiness hanging over my couch”… you get the picture. Thanks to Dianna Aston, for directing me to Mr. Osta’s work. You can take a look yourself at www.andrewosta.com. Andrew is very approachable and will help you find the perfect piece(s) for your home, office, exhibit, etc. I’m saving up for more myself. Ciao!”

Lane, Texas

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