A New Series of Contemporary Works coming up!

When I was younger I made some incredible drawings, which one could turn and look at from 2 or 3 ways and see different things. That’s when I was told “you need to decide which way is up”. I finally came up with a solution today – to make those drawings into paintings, creating 2, 3, or 4 near-exact copies of each painting, so that each position can be appreciated at the same time. Today I began working on the first of these… And this is very much unlike anything I did in the last 8 years… It’s almost monochrome and very minimal.  I was making contemporary art before I had any idea what that term even meant. Back when I created these drawings, I had 0 knowledge about art, technique, etc. I had never seen any art at that point nor taken a single art class. Those pictures were well ahead of their time in 2005 and 2006. Besides, the only way to appreciate them would be to see all of the angles at once. I am very excited to bring these works out now. It’s time. 😉

2006 The Gun

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