Brief Update – November 2018

It is almost November. The year really flew by. I have been enjoying spending time with my son Nicolas, taking care of the garden and the house, writing a bit (two books in the works – a short commentary to help young artists, and a book of short stories with spiritual undertones) and of course, I have been painting.

In terms of painting, I’ve been predominantly painting landscapes from life, mostly my surroundings. I also did a small series of florals. I’ve made several new linocut prints this year as well. They are on display in two galleries in downtown Oaxaca. Finally, I’m working on a very large surreal/symbolic painting, which should be finished sometime in November.

December should bring a show in San Miguel. After that, I am not too sure what I will be doing, but a San Francisco show is a possibility.

Andrew Osta,


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