April 2015 Update

Exactly 141 years to the day after the first impressionist exhibition in Paris in 1874, I have left France by train to Geneva to start my 1 month residency in a tiny village called Trelex. Before that, a few days in Paris seeing the works of the Impressionists (left me impressed) and three nights in Brussels where I visited the Magritte museum and the national fine art museum among others. Before that – a crazy 30 hours or so in Amsterdam.

I am very happy to be where I am now, in a green, peaceful village with few distractions and an amazing studio. I’m working every day, so far on landscapes and some figures, capturing this time and experiences. Some of the works I’ve seen in the museums are seeping through.

Other than that, not much happening. I have been writing a little, but for the most part this period is a time of painting, reading books about art (currently a great book on Picasso) and educating myself on all of the Impressionists as well through an MP3 university course.

I plan to publish some of my recent writings on this website.

Geneva1sm Stu2 Stu Fb

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