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December 2012 update

I hadn’t written anything on the website lately, but that doesn’t mean I hadn’t been busy. In November, I took a trip to the moutains and coast of oaxaca and produced 11 plein air paintings. Engaging in this work was both tremendously fun and tremendously rewarding. I cannot recommend the experience enough. It teaches you…

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Added New Paintings

Added about 25 small works.. More to come… As well as some more major works. I have been working like crazy and enjoying every moment of it. Also enjoying every moment of rest. Ah.. The life of the artist! I wouldn’t want any other. The new photos I will be adding are of the works…

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About a month ago I took a number of my paintings and prints to the Mariposa Gallery on #36 Recreo, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It’s a beautiful space and the paintings there are mostly my animal paintings. The work at the Mariposa is well-priced and definitely worth seeing. The Mariposa gallery will represent my…

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